Our 5 Ninja Success Principles

Fight Fitness has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, and the main reason for our success is…

Our clients’ SUCCESS!

See, our team is fortunate to be in a business where we only look good if our clients look good.

And we have been doing an awesome job at it!

30 lb, 23 lb, 15 lb. 12.4 lb and even 5 lb are successes that we celebrate regularly.

But there are always more ways we can improve and today, I would like to share with you all some of the success principles I believe our best ninjas use to help themselves succeed.

It’s simple…

You have to FIGHT!

Let’s dive into these a little more!

Find Your WHY

Knowing what you truly want and having a clear picture of it is the key to success in anything. If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just be a ninja, you should know why you’re working so hard

Invite People In

Setting SMART goals is a sure fire way to achieve them, but sharing them publicly so people know your goals is also powerful. Invite people in on your journey and you’ll be amazed at how much people will be cheering you on.

Give To Get

Our community is one of the best things about Fight Fit, but to get anything from it, you must give first. Give you energy, your successes and challenges and you’ll get much more in return.

Have Personal Responsibility

Our coaches are trained to support you in your fitness journey, but YOU ultimately determine your success. You are responsible for your thoughts, actions and results.

Trust The Process

Being a good ninja means being coachable and trusting the process. We’ve helped hundreds of people in our community with our system, and the proof is in our success stories. Trust the process, practice faith, and follow the dang instructions!

All our ninjas will be given a copy of this at the studio to pick up as our gift and way to remind you how to stay on track and be successful.


Just a small way that we are fighting to keep you fit!

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