Build a Battle Ready Team With The ULTIMATE Workout!

Host a Fight Fit Group Workout That Combines Kickboxing, Boxing and HIIT for your team!

Companies We’ve Worked With:

If you’re a high performance leader, you know your team’s ability to work together through tough problems is dependent on how vulnerable they are to not only you, but also each other.

Knowing when to ask for help or to give help is an ability that takes time to develop through experiences.

So that’s why taking your team through a Fight Fit Workout is one of the best experiences to develop a team!

Here’s how the private group session is structured:

  1. We will start by going over the basic striking techniques required for kickboxing and boxing.
  2. Upon learning the basic strikes, we’ll be going through a high energy kickboxing class.
  3. Lastly, we’ll be finishing off with a team building exercise to really test the strength of the team.

All participants will also receive a FREE pair of hand wraps needed for kickboxing that are theirs to keep.

If you’re interested in hosting a private group workout, please complete this form for a quote: