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Since 2011 Fight Fitness has been helping regular people unleash their inner champions.

We combine martial arts philosophy with science based training to help people be the best versions of themselves.

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Working for Fight Fit has been an amazing experience for my life. It helped me to build knowledge, learn teamwork, develop a sense of community and it also gave me the opportunity to be among incredible people. Joe, the owner, is an amazing person who I had the pleasure to work with. His vision, values, commitment and motivation inspires everybody around him. His leadership is why the environment and community is so amazing. The culture at Fight Fit is extraordinary, something I’ve never experienced in years working in Brazil and here in Canada. All the companionship, partnership, care, friendship, empathy and love move people to accomplish and keep them on track to their goals, bringing many successful stories of clients that became friends. I worked for Fight Fit for 2 and half years, exactly the time I arrived in Canada. Since then I felt embraced in a place that really care and value all the knowledge and experience I brought with me. During this time, I never felt like going away or even looking for somewhere else to work, that is how good I felt about being here. It eventually came time for me to leave and fly with my own wings exploring new places, new methods, systems, people, businesses. Thank you Joe, thank you Fight Fit Family and Team for all the opportunity and time you have invested in me, for the strength you gave me, for the confidence you built in me. Fight Fit is always going to be in my heart and in high standard of recommendation in my life. I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of it and also deeply appreciate everything you’ve made for me.”

  • Claudio Souza, Personal Trainer

I’m forever grateful for Fight Fitness. Prior to working there I was introverted and had little experience. But, as I worked here I learned valuable skills on how to be a great fitness instructor. I increased my confidence to teach a large group of people. The confidence not only helped with my professional life, but also my personal life. I became better people person. I increased my passion to help others and most importantly it boosted my confidence to tackle life’s daily tasks. I developed great relationships with fellow members and staff which I can now call family. Within a year of working at Fight Fitness, I accomplished several feats which I can attribute to the confidence gained from the position. I competed in physique competitions, got accepted to an overseas graduate program, and continually stepped outside my “comfort zone.” I would recommend this organization to anyone. The experience you will gain is unparalleled. In addition, I saw how fast the business grew to 3 locations in one year! Anyone who is interested in working or doing an internship at Fight Fitness will be part of a fast-growing company, and grow just as quickly.”

  • Thomas Thai, Physiotherapy Student

Having done the Fight Fit program I was inspired and extremely drawn to the style of training. The mix of kickboxing with intense conditioning circuits using Kettlebells, bodyweight, partner resistant work and pull up bars to provide an intense session of muscle building fun. After getting in the best shape of my life I decided that it was time to share what was taught to me with others. Getting my Fitness Kickboxing Certification gave me so much more confidence to continue teaching. Even with years of experience in various styles before meeting Joe (3 years Tae Kwan Do, 2 years Muay Thai), nobody had taken the time to teach me why certain things made sense and how to teach individuals from beginner to advanced. Now Every day I am excited to give my clients the best experience I can and the rewards are when a client tells me they have dropped a dress size or can now do pushups on their toes. Seeing what fitness can do to change people’s lives for the better on a regular basis is an amazing thing. I am so glad I found the Fight Fit program and now my success is measured by the success of the people that I train.”

  • Chris Wise, Full-Time Manager

Prior to joining the Fight Fit team, my prior work experience was one that was very negative and toxic. Although, I would try my best to leave work-related issues and problems at work, I had found it very challenging to do so because what I was going through was extremely negative. Therefore, it had a negative impact on my home and family life.

Since joining the Fight Fit team some of things that learner were how to navigate the a robust CRM system; learning more about how to use Excel and and most importantly I have learned about myself such as what some of my strengths and weaknesses.

I would recommend this job to anyone that wants to thrive and be in a productive work environment. Fight Fit is for people that are extroverted and can keep up in fast-paced environment.”

  • Lena Cromwell

Before joining Fight Fitness, I was a fourth-year Kinesiology student at the University of Guelph-Humber. I had experience in martial arts and a passion for fitness. During this time, I was seeking opportunities to combine my knowledge of fitness with martial arts. Naturally, the work opportunity with Fight Fitness was very attractive to me.

Upon joining the Fight Fitness team, I was pleased to meet a friendly community of individuals who were all very welcoming and helpful. It was refreshing to be part of such a positive and open work atmosphere. My supervisors were genuinely interested in helping me develop as a professional and were extremely helpful during my entire process.

During my time so far, I’ve gained valuable skills in developing and implementing group fitness classes such as timing, flow, exercise selection, and client experience. I had the opportunity to learn from a variety of coaches from different fitness backgrounds. Each coach mentored me and offered helpful feedback and ideas. At the same time, they encouraged me to use my own knowledge and creativity to develop a unique coaching style. By the conclusion of my training, I felt confident and ready to independently lead group kickboxing and “boot camp” style classes.

I feel privileged to have participated in their coaching internship and to join such an amazing team. I would recommend this position to individuals who are passionate about fitness, motivating others, and wish to add fitness kickboxing to their coaching repertoire.”

  • Rafael Begazo-Jimenez

Core Values

Adapt or


positivity and enthusiasm

Grit and habit



Enjoy these work perks

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth repeating. We believe in regular communication rhythms with your leader to ensure you’re constantly growing and improving both personally and professionally.

You’ll get 1-on-1 meetings with your leader to review what’s going well, what needs improvement and how we can help. These regualr TGIs will help you learn more, to earn more!

Stay aligned with company objectives and learn constantly from our team of expert coaches with years of experience. We get to celebrate top performers every month, shout out dragon of the month and keep up to date with new updates.

Every quarter we align your goals with the companies and create action plans to help you achieve your financial, physical and personal goals.

Other Work Perks

You’ll not only have a fulfilling career in fitness and martial arts but enjoy some of the perks of being part of the Fight Fit Team.

Quarterly Outings

We believe in celebrating successes as a team so enjoy quarterly outings together. We’ve been skydiving, rock climbing, trampoline dodgeball and countless fun team building events.

Trainings and Certifications

We want our team to stay at the cutting edge of fitness so all eligible team members get their conference, training and certifications paid for.

Health Plan

You’ll have an opportunity to opt-into our health plan that covers a portion of your dental and medical expenses for you and your family.

If you want to learn how you can create additional revenue streams within the fitness niche while maintaining your client load as a trainer at Fight Fit you have a unique opportunity to access some of North America’s top fitness professionals through our extended network of training partners.

Available Positions

Now Hiring Part-Time Personal Trainers / Group Fitness Kickboxing Instructors!


To provide the ultimate workout experience that delivers measurable results to clients, cultivates a sense of family and creates raving fans of Fight Fit.


  • Runs 3-5 Group Sessions per week
  • Maintains 10-20 Personal Training Sessions per week
  • Attends monthly team trainings and 1-on-1 meetings


  • Create a better “client experience” or “put on a show” during workout sessions
  • Maintain accountability relationships and a high level of accountability with clients in and out of appointments
  • Attend mandatory monthly trainings and other ad-hoc meetings as requested
  • Ensure and maintain high standards of safety and professionalism
  • Be organized with workouts prepared 15 min in advance.
  • Ensure the company’s standards of reporting are adhered to
  • Contribute to company content channels (ie. photos, videos, testimonials, reviews) and be proactive in generating referrals


  • Rockstar – Provides a world class workout experience with energy, enthusiasm and positivity
  • Lead by example – Be the leader your clients look up to through physical example by attending workouts x3/month
  • Always prepared – Arriving 15 minutes early every session to ensure the best client experience with organized workouts and clear instructions
  • Result oriented – dedicated to achieving measurable results through good follow-up and communication.
  • Certified – Possess and nationally recognized personal trainer or group fitness certification (Can-Fit Pro, CPTN, ISSN)

Please email careers@fightfitbootcamps.com and include your resume and links to your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

Now Hiring: Senior Coach


Provide an exceptional workout experience and coach clients to higher levels of fitness and health to create raving fans of Fight Fitness.


  • 10 group sessions per week
  • 30 private sessions per week
  • Assist leadership team achieve company performance targets



  • Coach a minimum of 10 group sessions and 30 1-on-1/semi private sessions per week.
  • Onboard new clients through our signature 6 week challenge program
  • Facilitate monthly fitness challenges and fitness tests


  • Assist with new client orientations to achieve sales and conversion goals
  • Assists program manager to execute new prospect sales
  • Communicate out referral and internal campaigns to clients


  • Assist program manager with managing studio communication (answering phone, email, social media)
  • Attend weekly meetings, monthly trainings, quarterly strategy sessions and annual planning retreats and outings
  • Assist with the cleanliness and operation of the studio


  • Post marketing and media on behalf of the business
  • Like, share and engage with Fight Fitness social media accounts
  • Assist program manager to build and maintain partnerships with local businesses


  • Certified Can-Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist or equivalent
  • Minimum 2+ years experience in personal training or group training
  • Rockstar – Provides a world class workout experience with energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Achieve 9/10 coaching score.
  • Lead by example – Be the leader your clients look up to through physical examples. Attends workouts x3/month.
  • Coach – Ability to coach clients through high levels of accountability and behavior change techniques. Completed Precision Nutrition Level 1.
  • Salesmanship – Ability to execute on the sales process for new prospects and trials. Completed FF sales training and bootcamp.
  • Social Butterfly – Have a strong personal social media presence with consistent posts and engagement. Post 3x/week.
  • Result oriented – dedicated to achieving measurable results through good follow-up and communication. Produce 1 client transformation a month.

Please email careers@fightfitbootcamps.com and include your resume and links to your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

Don’t see your dream career? Not yet a certified trainer? Our internship program may be perfect for you if you’re curious about what a career in fitness would look like.