Fighter of the Month: Michelle Cadaret


Every month we select a #FIGHTFAM member that:
🤝 Follows through with commitments
🚫 Integrity to make no excuses to quit
🌱Does not let bad habits surpass their desire to Grow
✋ Consistent and Honest
😇 Trusts the process

Meet this months FOTM!

Name: Michelle Cadaret

Occupation: Child and Youth Worker

How long have you been part of the #FIGHTFAM?: Less than a year

What was your life like prior to joining?: Prior to joining I found myself struggling to self motivate and stick to a routine. I had a gym membership that was barely used and a home gym collecting dust.

What RESULTS have you experienced training with us?: Since joining I have lost just over 20lbs and some of my pre-pregnancy clothes are finally starting to fit. I am starting to feel more like myself again, and I have way more energy in my day to day activities.

What’s is your favorite class/Workout and WHY?: My favourite class is definitely the kickboxing one. I love getting out my day on the bag and I leave feeling 100% then when I came in.

What is some advice you’d give to someone starting?: Starting again or starting for the first time is hard but just taking that jump to show up that first time is a step towards the you that you want to be.

What is a quote or mantra that keeps you motivated?: “Be stronger than your excuses”