Fighter of the Month – Ailsa Walter

Every month we select a #FIGHTFAM member that:
  • Follows through with commitments
  • Has Integrity makes no excuses to quit
  • Does not let bad habits suprass their desire to Grow
  • Consistent and Honest
  • Trust the process

Ailsa Walter

Name: Ailsa Walter

Occupation: Private School Administrator

How long have you been part of the #FIGHTFAM: 1-3 years

What was your life like prior to joining:

Before Fight Fit I had no motivation to workout, I was eating whatever I wanted with limited physical activity and didn’t know where or how to start kicking my bad habits.

What RESULTS have you eperienced training with us?

I recently completed the 21 day challenge and lost 10.6 lbs. I have less cravings and more energy and have been more motivated to workout and do the in-person classes. Overall I feel much healthier and a better version of me since I’ve started with Fight Fit.

What’s is your favorite class/Workout and WHY?

I LOVE the kickboxing classes. I like that I get to blow off steam and let any inner anger out, but it’s also a full body workout as well. I’m always leaving those classes in a better mood!


What is some advice you’d give to someone starting?

Definitely trust the process of Fight Fit. Don’t be afraid to try something new and do something positive for yourself. Show up, do the work, and you’ll see the results.

What is a quote or mantra that keeps you motivated?

Sometimes a workout is all the therapy you need.