Your 12 Days of Fitmas Workout

It’s time for this year’s edition of the 12 Days of Fitmas Workouts!

It’s a total body workout that’s in the format of “The 12 Days of Christmas” song.

It’s super fun to do with your kids, family, and friends … or even as a challenge for yourself.

Staying active during the holidays is SO IMPORTANT. It can help you:

  • Feel energized
  • Improve your sleep
  • Burn off some calories and
  • Even boost your immune system.

Here’s how “The 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge” works: 

There are 12 rounds … and every round, you add a new exercise that corresponds to the day it represents in the song.

So, for round 1, you would do 1 burpee. In round 2, you would do 2 lunges (each side) + 1 burpee. Round 3 would be 3 push-ups + 2 lunges (each side) + 1 burpee… all the way to round 12, where you would do the whole thing from day 12 through day 1.

Here we go …

12 Days of Fitmas Workout

Warm-up with 5-10 minutes of light cardio … walking in place, treadmill, etc., and light stretches (leg swings, arm circles, etc.)

1 Burpee

2 Lunges (each side)

3 Push-ups

4 Side lunges (each side)

5 Mountain climbers (each side)

6 High knees (or march in place) (each side)

7 Bench (or couch!) Dips

8 Butt Kickers (each side)

EditPlank Jack GIF

9 Plank Jacks (in a plank position, jump/step your legs out to the side, then back to the center)

10 Air Squats

11 Jumping Jacks

12 Side Plank Hip Lifts (each side)

Be sure to cool down to bring your heart rate down, and then do some light stretching.

You’ll feel GREAT after you are done with this workout!