Training Youth Athletes To Be Stronger, More Disciplined and Learn Self Defense

🥋🐉 Introducing the Spring 10-Week Junior Dragons Kids Kickboxing Program! 🐉🥋

Are you looking for an exciting and empowering activity for your child that not only improves physical fitness and self-defense skills but also instills essential life skills?

Join us for an empowering 10-week program, running from April 8-June 16, 2024

🔥 Junior Dragons: For Ages 6-9 Years Old 🔥

Every Wednesday from 4:30 PM to 5:15 PM, our team of experienced instructors will lead your child through a journey of kids martial arts excellence and character development.

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🔥 Senior Dragons: For Ages 10-17 Years Old 🔥

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM, teens will have the opportunity to learn and grow through the art of martial arts and life skills training. What’s in store for your child during this program?

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🔥 *ALL GIRLS* Senior Dragons: For Ages 10-17 Years Old 🔥

We’re also hosting a *Girls ONLY* kickboxing class Fridays at 4:30pm-5:15pm. This will be structured like our typical senior dragons program which includes strength training and kickboxing skills but in a girls only class.

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What’s included in the program:

🥋 Fight Athlete Sports Training: Fitness is the foundation for success all sports, so we will be putting HUGE emphasis on this throughout the program. Through a series of fun and challenging exercises, your child will improve their strength, flexibility, and overall physical well-being.

🥋 Striking Techniques: Our experienced martial arts instructors will guide participants through the fundamentals of striking techniques, helping them build confidence and coordination.

🥋 Self-Defense Concepts: Safety is our priority! Your child will learn essential self-defense techniques to stay prepared and protected in any situation.

🥋 Life Skills: At Junior Dragons kids martial arts, we know that martial arts training is not just about kicks and punches—it’s about building character. Each class will include valuable lessons on life skills such as Focus, Discipline, Courage, Respect, and more! These qualities will benefit your child both inside and outside the dojo.

💥 Bonus Benefits 💥: To enhance your child’s martial arts journey and experience, we provide all participants with their own uniform, gloves, and a glove bag. Additionally, our program includes a belt system that fosters structure, motivation, and a sense of tradition.

🔥 Investment in Your Child’s Future 🔥

Junior Program: Early Bird Rate of $299.99+HST (Register before March 31st, 2023)

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Senior Program: $399.99+HST

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*ALL GIRLS* Senior Program: Early Bird Rate of $299.99+HST (Register before March 31st, 2023)

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Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to empower your child with valuable skills and lifelong memories.

Give your child the gift of martial arts, self-discovery, and personal growth—enroll them in the 10-Week Junior Dragons Youth Martial Arts Program today!