🏆 FIGHTER OF THE MONTH 🏆 – Irene Zaguskin

Every month we select a #FIGHTFAM member that:

🤝 Follows through with commitments
🚫 Integrity to make no excuses to quit
🌱Does not let bad habits surpass their desire to Grow
✋ Consistent and Honest
😇 Trusts the process

Meet this months FOTM!

Name: Irene

Occupation: COO

How long have you been part of the #FIGHTFAM: Less than a year

What was your life like prior to joining: Poor

What RESULTS have you experienced training with us?: Better health, improvement in strength and muscle definition.

What’s is your favourite class/Workout and WHY?: Kickboxing – it’s a full body workout that is fun and helps you develop a new skill

What is some advice you’d give to someone starting?: Start with a class that you find exciting and keep coming back no matter how tired you are or how stressful of a day you are having. Going to the classes will give you more energy, reduce stress and make you feel like you have accomplished something that you are working towards.

What is a quote or mantra that keeps you motivated?: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

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