Weekly Ninja’s QnA – April 26, 20

Our members burning questions, answered!

Join me as I answer questions like:

How do people wake up, eat breakfast and work out? Breakfast first or workout first? What’s a good way to stay motivated in the morning?

I have a lot of extra skin from the huge pregnancy belly. Can that be reduced with losing weight or am I stuck with it forever?

I sometime feel hungry and wondering if I should be eating more protein…there was about 5 days this week where the weight stayed the same although body fat % changed. I also found I was eating around 1000 calories (following the plan meals) and somehow this seemed too little especially with all the training.

How the do I get my rear to do this and maintain it as part of a life routine. I’ve lost weight and toned many times – then – change in my life happens and I have to restart from square one.

Balancing work with kids at home and getting enough movement. It’s tough to get out for walks or runs as a single parent. Working at a laptop all day and trying to help kids with academics is a challenge. I find the online workouts are great but they aren’t enough for me to see movement on the scale.

How can I manage a busy work life (65hrs work week) and still workout?

What snacks can I eat endlessly without feeling guilty? One thing salty, one thing sweet, legitimately indulgent.

What if I get sick?