Fight Fit Opening Plans

We will be closed for in-person workouts effective Saturday, April 3 for the next 28 days as per Ontario’s Province-wide lockdown.

We will continue to do online sessions as scheduled and a secondary “cueing” coach will be added for additional support.

If you are doing personal training, please reach out to your coach directly to schedule either virtual or outdoor PT sessions. This is pending the availability of your coach.

Lastly, if you have not been set up on our “Coach In Your Corner” app, reach out to us directly to add additional workouts to your account.

21 Day Online Challenge

Burn fat and tone up in 21 DAYS with our online challenge!


A full body striking style that incorporates Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and boxing technique for a total body fight. We combine it with full body conditioning exercises to improve your fitness. (Gloves and hand wraps required)


An upper body striking style that also incorporates footwork and head movement. We combine it with lower body conditioning exercises to build your endurance. (Gloves and hand wraps required)


A fight-inspired interval training, we get to utilize a variety of equipment to get a full body workout. Some equipment we may use: Dumbbells, kettlebells, Equalizer bars, medicine balls. No personal equipment required.

Existing Member?

Members can purchase our 3 session PT warm-up package! 3 sessions for $127!

New Client?

Enjoy 2 Free Classes & a Free Fitness Assessment with us today!

  • We are increasing the physical distancing and decreasing class capacity to meet public recommendations
  • We are enhancing our focus on extensive cleaning measures of the gym facilities
  • We are providing our team with safety training on new class procedures and cleaning practices
  • We are diligently working on improving our live online content, to create the best digital workouts to our members

Watch our COVID-19 protocols video below:

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