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We have 3 different themes to our Online Workouts to keep your workouts fresh, interesting, and new. You’ll never do the same workout twice.

Our online workouts can be done live or using the recordings. They fall into 3 categories: Kickboxing, Boxing, or FIIT (Fight-Inspired Interval Training).

Try a FIIT online workout by testing yourself in a workout that Coach Mark calls “MMA X-Train”. If you join our live classes on Zoom we can adjust exercises depending on your skill & experience level to make it easier or harder, depending on your limitations.

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Read what clients are saying about Fight Fitness…

Jennifer L.

The community at Fight Fitness is amazing. They really make you feel like family.

“So let’s talk about my habit forming and life-changing weight loss journey I’ve been on. It’s been 16 months since I said to myself that enough was enough and walked into Fight Fit Bootcamps in Stouffville. I told the coaches that I only needed to BREATHE and gain weight so this might not work. But boy was I wrong.

After having two kids, I had to face the reality that my body would never look the same. Yes, I can be proud of those stretch marks, it carried my two babies for 10 months each. I can accept the changes in my chest since they kept my kiddos alive with milk they needed. But what I couldn’t accept was the feeling it gave me. The feeling of inadequacy, of low self esteem, of unhappiness, of self pity and of hope that one day I can lose a few. I was always hiding under baggy clothes, I hated taking pictures and couldn’t even look in the mirror. So one day when my second baby was a year old and wasn’t so needy, I decided to do something for myself for once and took the plunge. Mind you, I started in Fight Fitness Markham 5 to 6 years ago and stopped after I got pregnant with my first. So I always said I would go back to Fight Fitness when I could. I took my first 6 week challenge and then I was hooked! I would reach one goal and then set another. 20 pounds wasn’t enough, I wanted more. 10% BF was too little, I needed more. So FIVE challenges and 16 months later, I am finally where I want to be.

The community at Fight Fitness is amazing. They really make you feel like family. Everyone from coaches and to fellow ninjas are supportive, knowledgeable and the greatest cheerleaders. I am so blessed to have met such great mentors, you truly are my inspiration, each and every single one of you! To my fellow ninjas and pad partners, I couldn’t have met better people to workout with. Always pushing me to do better, lift heavier, run faster and put my gloves higher 😂.

What’s my key to success? A spoonful of determination, a pinch of stubbornness, a cup full of never give up, a whole lot of changing your eating habits and a bit of consistency. I must admit, even at times when I wasn’t on a challenge, I still at a challenge friendly breakfast and lunch. And my dinners always contained no carbs.

All I can say is DON’T QUIT, GO GET IT. If I can do it, anyone can. Just don’t think of it as a restriction and think of it as a lifestyle change and you will reach all the goals.”

1 lb
Weight Lost
1 in
Total Inches Lost
Body Fat Percentage Lost

Neal N.

I would recommend Fight Fit! It’s not to lose weight, but to change behaviour to have lasting results and a healthy life.

“Before Fight Fitness,I was not very active. I held a gym membership, but used it once or twice per month. My health was heading in the wrong direction – downwards! I was so exhausted to bend and pick up leaves from my property – my knees and back would be so stiff by this light chore. I had so much difficulty to tie my shoes and putting on my ski boots. It was brutal! Finding nice clothes to fit me was getting difficult.

When I reached my goal weight in the 6 week challenge, I was so proud. I knew I could continue and follow the changes to my behaviour to live a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic hit and I started to work from home and it was an adjustment, not to work. I quickly adapted and continued with good eating habits and ensured I had little treats along the way. One of the coach’s tips kept echoing in my ears “as long as the positive out weighs the negatives, you are doing well.”

I worked out lightly and walked daily with family. Now, I can tie my shoes so easily and pick up leaves all day without breaking a sweat!

100% I would recommend Fight Fitness. It’s not to lose weight, but to change behaviour to have lasting results and a healthy life. The Fight Fitness coaches do just this! You’re not a number or just a member, you have a name and are part of a family!

My experience has been positive and I see on social media that other lives have been transformed by Fight Fit. I have to say, if you don’t try, you will never know what you can do! Thank you Fight Fit Team!”

1 lb
Weight Lost
1 in
Total Inches Lost


A full body striking style that incorporates Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and boxing technique for a total body fight. We combine it with full body conditioning exercises to improve your fitness.


Our bootcamp sessions are called FIIT (Fight-Inspired Interval Training) where we either utilize effective bodyweight exercises or the staples of equipment most people have access to in dumbbells & kettlebells. Even if you don’t have the equipment we suggest, we can adjust the exercises to make sure you get an amazing workout.


An upper body striking style that also incorporates footwork and head movement. We combine it with lower body conditioning exercises to build your endurance. (Gloves and hand wraps required)

Bogdan S.

Bogdan has lost 50 lb with Fight Fitness!

“Before joining Fight Fitness, I was barely moving around as I sit on a chair most of the day. Energy levels were extremely low and I was fatigued easily. I would also eat a lot of junk food (pizza, burgers etc). My diet was just awful and lazy! I searched for a gym for 2 weeks, and then I found Fight Fitness. I was so impressed on how they deal with professional situations and the amount of information delivered. My first impression was extremely pleasant.

I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to get in shape, lose weight and/or improve their health! The people working at Fight Fitness are simply amazing! They really care for what they are doing and treat you like family. They keep me motivated through my journey and keep teaching me new things. Amazing workouts, great nutrition knowledge and the best attitude I have ever witnessed in any professional setting! What more can you ask for?”

1 lb
Weight Lost

Andrea A.

Thank You Fight Fitness!

“I must say thank you to Fight Fitness, I have come a long way. Before I joined Fight Fitness, I was a size 2X in February 2020, then after joining I was down to a size XL. After sticking to the program at Fight Fitness I am now down to size M as of March 2021!”

1 lb
Weight Lost

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