How To Grow Your Fitness Business Online. Interview with Chris and Eric Martinez.

In this episode we interview Eric and Chris Martinez who help fitness professionals grow their fitness business online. During the episode we learn their heartbreaking story of how losing their father in a car accident and their mother to alcohol forced them to grow and build a successful coaching business. Also how working with mentors early on, helped them see the future of fitness and some things fitness business owners can do right now in order to go online to create more impact and income.

Also known as the “Dynamic Duo” they operate a world class Online Fitness and Lifestyle Company by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training.” Chris and Eric are also Business coaches that own “The Dynamic Inner Circle” where they help fitness professionals create more income, impact, influence, and influence in their coaching businesses. Along with being #1 International Best-Selling Authors to two books, Podcast Hosts and Speakers.


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