Fighter of the Month: Saumiil


Every month we select a #FIGHTFAM member that:
🤝 Follows through with commitments
🚫 Integrity to make no excuses to quit
🌱Does not let bad habits surpass their desire to Grow
✋ Consistent and Honest
😇 Trusts the process

Meet this month’s FOTM!

Name: Saumiil Patel

Occupation: Project Manager

How long have you been part of the #FIGHTFAM: Less than a year

What was your life like prior to joining: Fitness was at an average level

What RESULTS have you experienced training with us? Lost a total of 30 lb! I also dropped a lot of inches overall.

What’s is your favorite class/Workout and WHY? I love both kickboxing and FIIT as it gives proper routine for the full week

What is some advice you’d give to someone starting? Take it slow and steady , get into the rhythm of working out and then gradually increases the load . If you are going to do a challenge train for at least 1-1.5 month before you start the challenge as that will allow yourself to give more than 100 % while doing it.

What is a quote or mantra that keeps you motivated? No pain no gain(in terms of the results that you want to achieve)