🏆 FIGHTER OF THE MONTH 🏆 – Nasreen Kanji

Every month we select a #FIGHTFAM member that:
🤝 Follows through with commitments
🚫 Integrity to make no excuses to quit
🌱Does not let bad habits surpass their desire to Grow
✋ Consistent and Honest
😇 Trusts the process

Meet this months FOTM!

Name: Nasreen Kanji

Occupation: Highschool student

How long have you been part of the #FIGHTFAM: 1-3 years

What was your life like prior to joining: Pretty good. I was a competitive swimmer for 8 years prior to joining the gym. As a swimmer I trained 10+ hours a week plus completions on the weekends. I qualified for Central’s which is provincials as a swimmer.

What RESULTS have you experienced training with us?: Increased energy, built more muscle mass, having fun while working out and building a gym community.

What’s is your favorite class/Workout and WHY?: Kickboxing of course!! It’s a full body workout and cardio and an amazing way to relieve stress.

What is some advice you’d give to someone starting?: Just try. It doesn’t matter if you are new and have never tried boxing or kickboxing. You might suprise yourself.

What is a quote or mantra that keeps you motivated?: Dream big. Work hard.

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