Terms and Conditions

Fight Fitness requires the completion of this form to begin the 30 day notice period to cancel fitness services. This is in order to properly reconcile your account and cancel payments for any type of package in conjunction with our formal service cancellation policy as per your physical agreement. (NOTE: Some boot camp programs may not be cancelled early) Any regularly scheduled payment during the notice period may be billed in full or adjusted to account for only the additional sessions/services expected (as indicated per the agreement) to be used during the notice period but beyond the current billing period. This is entirely dependent upon the date of cancellation request submission as indicated on this form. Upon completion or cancellation of any package, the client shall have 90 days to use any paid for but unused training sessions. After the said 90 days, Fight Fitness shall close any dormant packages and the remaining sessions shall be forfeited by the client.

The standard administration charge indicated on the physical agreement will apply to all program cancellations (unless otherwise indicated on the written agreement) and may be deducted from any program/session credits.

By submitting the information entered on this form you indicate that you understand and agree to the conditions in terminating your agreement with Fight Fitness. You will receive an account reconciliation summary will be added to the document section of your online user account upon completion and you will receive a notification email.

NOTE: This submission will be electronically time and date stamped by our system. (Please be sure you have received the confirmation email upon submission.)

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    I understand that cancelling my membership early will be subject to any cancellations fees as per the agreement