Parallels of Coach Kids and Adults. Interview with Kiana Kavianpour

Join Joe as he interviews Fight Fitness Coach Kiana Kavianpour. In this episode we learn about Kiana’s background in gymnastics. How her passion for movement led her to her complete a degree in Kinesiology and some of her long term career goals.

  • We also answer questions from our ninjas:
  • How do you maintain your fitness goals long term
  • What and how to eat after a challenge
  • How to deal celebration meals and weekends

Kiana is a Fitness Instructor Specialist and Level 2 WAG gymnastics coach who believes that no matter who you are or where you come from, it’s never too late to start something new because anything can be accomplished with a positive mindset.

Kiana was a competitive provincial gymnast for 7 years before she was forced to quit due to an injury. Her continuing love for the sport pushed her to start coaching in 2012, and since then she has worked with young athletes of all levels to help them become the strongest and best gymnasts they can become.

Her growing desire to expand her knowledge of the fitness industry drove her to obtain her FIS certification from canfitpro, and she now works as a Fitness Instructor as well as a gymnastics coach. Her journey as a Fight Fit intern helped her become a more confident and competent instructor and coach, and she looks forward to helping anyone and everyone achieve their fitness goals in the future.