Being A Ninja – Joe Jitsukawa

Joe Jitsukawa is a serial entrepreneur, comedian, investor, and public speaker. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and grew up surrounded by the growing gang culture in LA.

“I decided to change my life around when I was 18. I went from not knowing what a GPA was in high school to graduating top of my class in college, and eventually, I quit my 9-5 job to pursue my passion, which is comedy.” Joe says.

Tired of the regular 9-5 job, Joe quit and co-founded JustKiddingFilms, a comedy YouTube channel in 2007. Through this channel, Joe and his team of friends shoot comedic sketches through which they teach good things “in a bad way.”

Besides YouTube, Joe has also found success in different business ventures, such as apparel, consulting, e-commerce, and investing. He likes advising and investing in several businesses, including a growing matcha franchise in LA called Junbi.

“Many people believe that you can’t make a living off of your passion, but I have made a career and monetized all of the things that I am passionate about comedy, hanging out with friends and family, fashion, food, etc,” Joe says.

Through it all, Joe wants to be the pioneer in helping those who feel trapped in a career they do not like and help people move towards something they are passionate about.