Being A Ninja – Charmaine Ironside

Charmaine has many passions and the core of her work is helping women love the skin they’re in through simple fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset upgrades that lead to massive transformation in body, mind and spirit.

After painfully struggling for 20 years with her weight, body image, and chronic rollercoaster dieting, Charmaine discovered a way to end the struggle. The solution she found allowed Charmaine to release and keep off almost 50 lbs she feels it is her duty and privilege to share what she knows with the world.

Charmaine has a university education as a Kinesiologist specializing in exercise prescription, nutrition and psychology and has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and lives since starting as a Fitness and Transformation Coach in 2010.

After a devastating snowboard crash ended Charmaine’s Olympic Level snowboard career and left her almost paralyzed in 2009, she took her passion for movement and started 2 gyms called Ironside Fitness that operated for 6 years. When the Covid19 Virus shut down happened she was forced to close the doors of Ironside Fitness and shifted to a completely virtual Fitness and Transformation Platform allowing her to service her clients in Calgary and around the world.

Charmaine enjoys all the hats she wears, including being a mom to a fabulous daughter and energetic son), a wife to an incredible husband, and an entrepreneur who is constantly evolving, walking her talk and looking for ways to help people live better lives.