Being A Ninja – Abby Chan – 2019 Fight Fit Ninja of the Year

Abby Chan is our reigning 2019 Stouffville Ninja of the Year, and for good reason, her first 8 months with us she dropped 50lbs…

On the latest episode of Being A Ninja @joefightfit talks with Abby about her initial journey with Fight Fit, how she lost 50lbs in 8 months, and how she’s maintained in the year plus after that initial weight loss.

Abby’s turning point was one that you probably won’t expect. After being overweight for most of her life, yet still being fairly active, Abby struggled to find a program she would continue with past a month or so.

Abby gives us insight into her journey, and how she’s fallen in love with Kickboxing as a sport to stay fit with. Going from barely being in a gym locally a few years ago, to seeking out gyms when she traveled abroad.

Plus Abby and Joe discuss meal plan questions from the audience.

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