Being A Ninja #5 – Joey De Los Reyes, Co-Owner & Founder of Kombat Arts Training Academy

Who is Joey De Los Reyes? He’s the Co-Owner & Founder of the Kombat Arts Training Academy in Mississauga, Ontario. Today Joe is talking to him about his story.

The Kombat Arts Training Academy came from humble beginnings starting out in a small section of Gold’s Gym in Mississauga with a very small number of dedicated students and instructors.

They quickly grew and were forced to move to a bigger location in 2002. We settled at Burnhamthorpe and Mavis in a small complex about 3500 sq ft. More classes were added to facilitate the increasing student base.

In 2004, the team decided to really expand and once again moved to a much bigger location of about 5500 sq ft by Kamato and Tomken. For the first time, the Kombat Arts Training Academy had enough space to put in a boxing ring. In addition, separate areas for grappling and standup were easily accommodated for.

Watch to find out more about Joey and Kombat Arts journey through the years.

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