Being A Ninja #2 – How Mark Fought A Debilitating Health Issue to Become A Real Life Ninja

Learn about Mark Lawrence, Martial Artist and Fitness Professional and his life.

Mark Lawrence is proud to join the team at Fight Fitness Bootcamps as a certified coach. Mark is a martial arts and fitness professional that has traveled the world teaching classes, seminars and workshops for over 20 years.

Mark’s passion for teaching is only overshadowed by his desire to help others become the best version of themselves. His teaching style is fun, energetic and entertaining, while still offering a kick-butt attitude. Mark firmly believes that leading a happy and active lifestyle creates a balanced mind, body and spirit.

Mark currently holds black belt ranks in Hoshinjutsu, and Bujikan Budo Taijutsu, but also has experience in other martial systems such as: Russian Systema, Kosho Shoriryu Kenpo, Kumo Ju-Jitsu, Hokkoryu Ju-Jitsu, Shin Ken Ju-Jitsu, 5 Sword Kenpo, Judo, and wrestling. In 2006, Mark was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and honoured with the rank and title of Shihan. Mark has taught aspects of both traditional and modern martial arts, as well as women’s self-protection, defensive tactics (with the OPP), kickboxing, and mixed martial arts (mma) conditioning.

In the world of fitness, Mark is both a certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS) and group Fitness Training Specialist (FIS) through CanFitPro. Mark is a certified Master Trainer for Kickboxing, MMA Conditioning, and Bootcamp with Fitness Kickboxing Canada (FKCI). Mark continues to be certified in Standard First Aid and CPR (level C).

Mark is one of a select few worldwide that is carrying on the traditions of HoshinTao Chi Kung. A unique blend of Warrior Style Yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation that strengthens the body while quieting the mind and building the spirit.
Mark attended college at Sir Sanford Fleming in Lindsay and Peterborough. He achieved diplomas in Cartography/GIS, Graphic Design and also studied marketing and small business.


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