Being A Ninja #16 – Brannon Beliso

Professor Brannon Beliso is the owner and head instructor of One Martial Arts, in San Francisco. His reputation and credentials span forty eight years as an instructor, competitor, motivator and innovator of award-winning life skills education, cardio kickboxing, and martial arts programs.

Professor Beliso is an 8th degree black belt and has won over 100 trophies in such major tournaments as the Internationals and the California Karate Championships. He has studied Kenpo Karate for forty eight years and has also trained in Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Arnis, Boxing and Kickboxing.

Professor Beliso is certified by the American Council on Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. He is an active member of the Martial Arts Industry Association and has been a member of the Professional Martial Arts College, the National Association of Professional Martial Artists and the Martial Arts Teachers Association.

Professor Beliso has written an instructional manual, produced a series of instructional DVD’s and a video. His award winning martial arts and fitness programs have been featured on Evening Magazine, CBS Morning News, KRON 4 Health, Bay Area Parent Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, 7 x 7 Magazine and Filipinas Magazine.

Professor Beliso is a featured writer for Martial Arts Success Magazine and Dojo Digest. He is an impact speaker having presented at Microsoft, Barclays Global, Raphael House, Century’s Martial Arts Supershow, TopKick Insights, Korean Martial Arts Association, Promote Your Passion, Our Lady of Mercy, Topkick, and the Martial Arts School Owners Union.

Professor Beliso is the founder/creator of Kids Love Life Skills (Formerly One Merit Badges), a green based company, that provides an innovative life skills education system for children. His unique system is in place in over 130 martial arts schools throughout the world.

Professor Beliso is a devoted husband, father of two sons and a daughter. He is dedicated to sharing the values of life skills and character development and helping people “Live Their Best Life.“