Being A Ninja #14 – How Coach Herman went from a Member to Become A Fitness Coach

Herman Cheung is a fitness coach at Fight Fitness who started as a member and found a love for fitness, so much so that he decided to become a fitness coach with Fight Fit. Find out more about his journey in this Being a Ninja interview.

Coach Herman works with men and women to reach their fitness and health goals through the art of fitness kickboxing and Afterburn bootcamp sessions. Herman believes that through determination and hard work

Herman has been a loyal client at Fight Fitness and within a year became Fight Fitness champion during a 6 week assessment cycle and successfully gone through challenges like the Beach Body Challenge.

Herman is a black band holder at Fight Fitness and completed the Fitness Kickboxing Certificate program. By completing the internship program, he has successfully climbed aboard the coaching staff.

Herman holds a degree in business administration with specialized honours in accounting from York University. The many transferable skills enable him to create a unique a workout experience that works well for clients in multiple viewpoints ending with the goal of success.

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