Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Certification
May 20, 2018

Teach To Groups Or One-on-one
Learn how to take a client through a 1-on-1 session or leverage your skill to teach to groups of 20+ to grow your personal training business.
Build Your Own Workouts
Discover our simple template to creating workouts that creates a workout experience clients won't stop raving about!
What some clients have said about our Fitness Kickboxing Course...

Coming into the Fitness Kickboxing Certification I was definitely a beginner and still in the process of learning kickboxing technique. Although KB initially attracted me to course, lacked the confidence in classes and was overly conscious about my technique when participating. Since the course my confidence has taken a new trajectory and I've been able to really focus on technique, movement and hone my skills. Although this is a continuous process of learning and refining I'm excited at the growth I've made in just these past few weeks and the potential for more! The highlights for me were the small coach/student ratio which allowed for on the spot coaching and correction and the variety of technique covered which allows you to appreciate the KB sport.
  I've learned a lot but most importantly I've gained new appreciation for the sport of KB, mindful movement, technique and the endless opportunity to grow in your learning and development. Participating in the course has allowed me to diversify my skillset and potentially tap into a customer base that is looking for something more outside of conventional circuit training. I look forward to incorporating what I've learned into my own programming and am excited at the prospect of transforming lives through fitness KB. 

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in a baseline to teach Fitness KB, adding to their current skillset, or even those looking to improve their own confidence level around KB technique. I would say a pre req is having a passion or health and wellness and a desire to learn more about the sport of KB.  

- Sean Howard

Entering the course, I had a few years of parkour, martial arts, and miscellaneous calisthenic and bodyweight training. I have been practicing my "movement mastery" since I started my fitness journey, and taking this course was a way to measure my own success.
This course taught me how to effectively plan and run workouts - broken down into a simple to understand, simple to explain method. Armed with this knowledge, I will be able to implement and streamline the drills and therefore the learning process. The course was comprehensive, including everything from safety to basic moves, and finally combinations and the proper way to execute them.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to challenge their abilities, and to learn how to teach fitness kickboxing. The only barrier that might arise is they should be physically fit - it IS a full day of training, with gloves and striking, so be prepared to work for your certification. These people can range from martial artists to fitness buffs, business professionals or mothers of three or more kids (literally the group of people I took the course with!).
Most importantly, the course was FUN! Challenges that are difficult and fun are challenges worth doing.

- Christopher Ching
Martial Arts Instructor
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1-Day Certification Course
Here's what you'll learn during the 8 hour course to prepare you to become a Fitness Kickboxing Instructor with Fight Fitness:

Learn basic kickboxing techniques for clients of all levels

Clients will love the simple combinations that will keep them coming back for more sessions, get them faster fitness results and help you carve a niche with fitness kickboxing.

Keep you and your clients safe with smart programming

Preventing injury for both you and your client is one of the most important things you can do to be a world class coach. Learn proper technique and safety recommendations to that.

Learn from a company that has cracked the code for a successful fitness business.

Fight Fitness has been re-defining fitness through it's multiple studios that have grown tremendously over the years because of our system. Model a company that is in the trenches and still serving clients daily.
Some happy graduates of our program!

I had a blast and learned so much in a short time. The instructor was excellent with lots of passion, patience and the ability to make your students understand technique and execution. When they sees a student with improper form they very quickly corrects it and at the same time works the room with a smile and compassion. I recommend this course to anyone that surely has a passion for fitness and kickboxing. Thank you very much!

- Christina Poma
Genie at the Gym

 Since taking this certification I was able to add another aspect to my business. Having fun interactive kickboxing classes allowed my current client base to shred body fat quickly and learn self defence. This aspect has also boosted my revenue stream allowing me to launch classes anywhere. 

- Berkeley Johnson
Berkeley Consulting
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